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Eight mysterious circular artworks, the size and shape of manhole covers, appeared in Point Cook in early November. They refer to the past, present and future of the community.

The eight cast-iron artworks were created by Stephen Banham and Christine Eid, who want to get people in Point Cook thinking and talking about their local community.

Banham and Eid were commissioned by VicUrban and developer Walker Corporation to create unique public artworks for the new Point Cook development. Far from a typical piece of public art, the artists have created
unusual works informed by the local community and its stories.

The project – aptly titled ‘Circular’ – consists of eight pieces installed in
the pavements at pedestrian crossings in Main Street. They tell stories about the ways of life of local Indigenous people;
the history of a famous local racehorse, Newminster; the tragic tale of a local pastoralist who lost his sweetheart to his own brother; and the planes, fauna and flora of the region.

Each artwork combines strong visual design with striking typography.

Banham and Eid carried out extensive research, interviewing local people
and visiting places of interest such as Point Cook Homestead, the RAAF Museum, the Point Cook Coastal Park and a local school, where they asked children what they hope Point Cook will be in the future. “It was important to us
that this project isn’t just about the past of Point Cook, but about its present
and future as well,” Banham explains.

Banham and Eid hope that members of the community will pause to read
the stories as they stroll down Main Street. “We like the idea of discovery
– we want people to experience the art in their own time and place.”

The artists have launched the website which includes more detail about the stories, background information, and further activities.

Stephen Banham is a Melbourne-based typographer
and designer who has published many books on typography and graphic design. He founded and runs the Letterbox studio in Melbourne, and lectures in design at RMIT University.

Christine Eid is a Melbourne artist and researcher and the recipient of a State Library of Victoria Creative Fellowship (2009). Her research and inter–
disciplinary arts practice TOW was established in 2001. Her works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions and are held in private collections in Melbourne, Brisbane and London.

Stephen Banham

Christine Eid

Images of the artworks available upon request.

Walker Corporation


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